The BEST way to hook up with a girl at a bar….


    1. Buy clothes that women will like. Try and have a hot girl go with you so you don’t buy clothes that make you look nerdy or like you are at work. Select the right clothes for the right type of girl. If you want bad girls you have to look bad. Image is key more than looks. Also try to smell good.
    2. Drink a little before you go out. Men who drink, generally, but not always, meet more women but this ultimately depends on your personality.
    3. Call pals with a lot of lady friends: they might bring a future prospect. Or go solo but go to bars that have other guys who are solo. Crowded places are the best. MAKE SURE YOU GO TO BARS THAT HAVE GIRLS PRESENT.
    4. Get a little drunk.
    5. Look for a group of three girls or a girl alone. Girls alone are normally a little psycho and need love, if she is with two other girls they will leave her friends behind. When two girls are together they rarely split up.
    6. Introduce yourself. Guys brag about their intro but the best intro is saying ‘hello my name is…’ If she thinks you are cute she won’t care what comes next. Just be polite and funny if you can.
    7. Ask her to dance. If you don’t dance, your chances will be limited. Dancing is key. If you’re in a hot sweaty club, get close and dance with your hands on her. DON’T BE SCARED! Women like when a guy takes control a little.
    8. Buy her drinks. Drunk girls love sex but don’t order strong drinks like a Long Island Ice Tea. She will sense you are onto something. Order fun drinks like car bombs. Remember, it depends on her style. If she’s a booze-hound, pour away! But, this article is more about how to get normal girls.
    9. Be affectionate with her hands and body but make sure everything looks and feels natural. DON’T BE PUSHY!
    10. Invite her to another bar near your house for a special martini or whatever. Make sure she is close enough to walk.
    11. Get her more drunk and make sure she is laughing her night away. But don’t tell more than 3 jokes in a row and NEVER SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE. Keep it light.
    12. When at the bar, mention something great about your place like a painting or whatever. Something that cues her to ask to go there. If she doesn’t, relax. Remember that she will when she leaves the bar near your web.
    13. If you drive her home, ask to use the bathroom when at her place.
    14. If she goes to your place, invite her in and promise you won’t make any moves. She will blush at your forwardness but for whatever reason she will believe you…
    15. Once home, ignore her for a bit by talking about other things. Be distracted and don’t hit on her right away unless she attacks you. Most girls like to get adjusted. Make sure the place is clean and dark and has cool music. Rock and roll or electronic music is the stuff that says “at my place we party.” Romantic music is sappy and too obvious.
    16. Kiss.
    17. If she says no, back off and move on.
    18. Ask for a backrub or give her a backrub.
    19. It should be on fire at this point. If not, tell her you must have misread her clues. Call her a cab and try with someone else.