Curves Like A Violin

Violin Baby

Why do girls like guys who play the violin?

I play the guitar. I’ve been playing for about 2 years and have mastered the art of death metal and is almost pro at playing classical and spanish guitar. Im not in the school band; hoever, one of my best friends is in orchestra and is very mediocre at the violin. He is just hanging out with the hottest girls in the school(in my eyes) and me? im just at my house mostly, on occasion i go to the mall with a couple of friends to play ddr. Is it just me or do the asian girls like people who play violin than those who play guitar.

btw i picked up the guitar to play bouree in e minor, but then i became hooked on it and recently even more hooked to impress some girls. oh and me and my friend are filipinos, and are almost the same except for who we hang out with and what kind of music we listen to (he listens to classical and the beetles and i listen to death metal and alternative) i just dont get anything now…

(my friend’s incredibly hot sis said that hes gonna be a 40 year old virgin)