Breaking news: Chicks dig Mustaches

It’s not a new thing, they’ve been around forever, but more and more ladies are getting into mustaches.
Just take a look below and you’ll see a whole bunch ‘a women rocking the ‘tache.

Ladies love the 'tache
'Tache Master!

Here’s a little info about whether chicks really dig the ‘tache – we asked some ladies and these were the responses.

Rockin' the 'tache
Rockin' the 'tache

Question: Girls, do guys that have a thick, bushy broom mustache turn you on?


1) Guys that are clean shaven look like little girls,like sissys,they make me sick! Real guys have facial hair! – Amy from Albuquerque, NM

2) My husband wears a goatee and sometimes grows out a full beard, which he keeps well groomed. I have to admit though, when he was in graduate school, he grew it out full, long and bushy and I LOVED it! It was WILD! So I guess I’m the odd ‘woman’ out on this question!! LOL! – Stacey from Orange County, CA

3) I won’t date a guy without facial hair.

No offense, but my ex shaved his face before… I couldn’t stand it. Too much like kissing a woman…. and I love to kiss women, but if I am kissing a man I want to kiss a man.

Moustaches are more a turn on than a turn off.
Moustaches are the best, even better than a beard. I can live without him having a beard so long as he has the moustache! – Genie – Flagstaff, Az

4) Guys that are clean shaven are nothing but sissys and fags,a real man has facial hair!!!mustaches or beards. –  Alex – New York, NY

5) Oh gawd yes! – Jane – Miami, FL

So there we have it, clearly the ‘tache does it for the ladies!

Doing it for the Ladies!
Doing it for the Ladies!